HiraganaGo! Hiragana Practice<p>Having trouble remembering Hiragana? Or ma…

HiraganaGo! Hiragana Practice<p>Having trouble remembering Hiragana? Or maybe you just haven't looked over them in awhile and feel like some extra Hiragana practice, either way you've come to the right place.<p>HiraganaGo! is a simple, easy to use set of animated flashcards for quick Hiragana practice. Just open the app and slide through the cards, as you slide through the English pronunciation for each syllable flies in. Easy, right? There are also 2 additional modes(that can be accessed through the menu) to shuffle the order of the cards and auto-transition the cards so you don't have to swipe manually. There's no tricks or gimmicks, just gold old manual memorization. Like they always say, practice makes perfect.<p>Important keywords: hiragana, hiragana practice, japanese, revision, hiragana flash cards, japanese learning, japan, hiragana cards, nihongo, nihongo lesson, hiragana cards, hiragana test, hiragana recall, hiragana app, hiragana characters, hiragana quiz, hiragana english Mobogenie.com

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