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Note: These are the genuine original printed manuals unless otherwise noted. We have no manuals in digital form.




Tektronix 2B67 Time Base

Instruction Manual, gently used


Tektronix 3A6 Type Plug-In

Instruction Manual, like new


Tektronix 3A72 Type Plug-In

Instruction Manual, good condition


Tektronix 5A48 Dual Trace Amplifier

Instruction Manual, good condition


Tektronix 5B42 Delaying Time Base

Instruction Manual, good condition


Tektronix D40 Single Beam Display Unit

Instruction Manual, little writing on cover, gently used



Instruction Manual, some writing on front, back cover slightly bent, otherwise good condition


Tektronix RM561A Type Oscilloscope

Instruction Manual, comb binding broken but intact, good condition


Tektronix Sweep Generator SW 503

Instruction Manual, great condition



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Also note that these are the actual manuals that originally came with the test equipment unless otherwise noted.  They are not copies or digitized versions.


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